Bruce Cockburn at The River

In-studio performance and interview
February 11, 2002

WXRV 92.5 FM
Interviewer: Bob Stuart

I was invited to The River Music Hall to be part of the in-studio audience for the Bruce Cockburn performance. Wow, what a privilege, basically I was chosen randomly from an email contest. Being allowed one guest, I choose my oldest son Michael who is age seven. This would be his first live performance, and what a perfect "first" it was.

I first saw Bruce Cockburn play at the Knock Middle School in Newburyport a few years ago. He was touring in support of his album "Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu", which turned out to be one of my favorite albums. I learned of the show from "The River" promos. Bruce and band were truly amazing. I was totally blown away and even now can't find the words to express how much that performance moved me!

Michael and I had a wonderful time. The River crew is friendly and accommodating. There is such a causal and fun atmosphere at this radio station. They are one of the last "real" independent stations. I would like to take this time to thank everyone at the river, especially Tanya, my son really took a shine to you.

Bruce played with emotion and mastery. His honest and humble humor made for a terrific interview. Radio host Bob Stuart has a very casual and natural interviewing style, inquiring as though he's been waiting for years for these answers. After the performance, Bruce signed complimentarily copies of his latest compilation CD, "Anything Anytime Anywhere". This album spans 22 years and is a splendid overview of a prolific and genuine musician. Thanks Bruce for helping to introduce my young son to the magic of music.

I posted some photos I took during the performance (below). I did not want to interrupt Bruce while playing with flash bulbs going off. So, I refrained from using one and as a result the photos are a little blurry and dark.

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Jay Tuccolo
February 18, 2002

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brucecockburn_2112002_5041b.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5044.jpg brucecockburn_21120025081b.jpg
brucecockburn_2112002_5049b.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5069.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5056b.jpg
brucecockburn_2112002_5075b.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5077.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5048b.jpg
brucecockburn_2112002_5066.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5060b.jpg brucecockburn_2112002_5052b.jpg

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