Monthly Image - Email List/Policy

Each month releases a new image. By joining community you will automatically receive a monthly email announcing the newest "Monthly Image". All announcement emails are sent using the "bcc:" option (blind carbon copy)so that anyone receiving mailings cannot see any addresses on the mailing list. Anonymous addressing eliminates the practice of spammers harvest address from mass emailing. As a policy, will not sell, rent or exploit, in any way our email list.

If for some reason you no longer want to be part of community, ask to have your name removed. Your request will be promptly honored.
*this "Email List" has been discontinued
as of 2011.



To join mailing list, please send me an email.

note: older email address have been discontinoed due to excesive spam.

Yes we acknowledge this would be easier through Facebook but they have a terrible copyright policy. As always, when you use a free social media service you are the commodity.


Jay Tuccolo

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