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Greasebag Camp 2011

We knew they were here when we heard the low roar of motorcycles in procession, though at first I thought it was an earthquake....

Earth-rumbling machines, chrome & rust, original builds,
new & old friends, great stories, epic journeys,
unique motorcycles, laughter, 20 plus cases of beer, and
pizza from the North End. These folks know how to party.

My family and I had a truly great time, with Grail and his brand of home spun horse-play (horsepower-play that is). I love the grassroots, "make it better at home" attitude. When it comes to crafting motorcycles and down home fun these guys have it down. Impressed and exhausted is all I can say. Thanks everyone, really memorable time! Best damn motorcycle event this millennium, so far.... though there's always next year!

Jay Tuccolo
White Birch Camp

see my photos of this year's Greasebag Jamboree 2011
see and for the "official skinny"
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