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Welcome to
The Jared Tuccolo Memorial Page
On October 27th 1999 Jared Tuccolo Passed Away
Jared's life was a gift to all who met him!

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This page is a celebration of Jared's life.
The greatness that is Jared will never cease to exist!
His zest for life, his courage and humor, his smile, these things will be sadly missed.
Jared would not want us to feel bad for him or ourselves.
He'd be quick to point out how grateful he was to experience all the things he did in his short but intense life.
Let's not disappoint Jared. Let his amazing example light the way. 
Enjoy everyday of your life!
Don't fret about the little things.
Love is the key.
Open the door in the name of Jared Tuccolo.

Thanks for all the support.
Jay Tuccolo - March 2000

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Memorial Photo 10-27-2000 7:24am Salisbury Beach - Salisbury, Massachusetts

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