Motorcycle Weekend 2002

My family and I have been welcoming people into our little campground for motorcycle weekend since 1969. Things are different and yet the same...loud motorcycles, late partying, wild Weirs Beach stories, and mixed weather. The Saturday night jam has been going on for more or less 20 years... we have all come a long way since then, and of course the music is always great fun.

The magic of music and good friends around a warm campfire...what more could one ask for?...well hummm...? Maybe a little rain! This year the threat of rain was ever present with a couple of substantial downpours on Saturday. Other than a little drizzly mist, the "Saturday Night Motorcycle Weekend Jam" was a glorious success! Most of the band that annually play for us grateful campers were unable to make it. While we were sad for their absence, as the saying goes "the show most go on". With good luck and positive vibes on our side we assembled a band which revolved around Dino and his campfire repertoire. Everyone played superbly. I have to hand it to all the musicians, with no practice or warm up time, they totally meshed together! really is magic.

I must also say, our patrons/friends are truly hardened motorcycle veterans. They came prepared for the harsh weather and made sure they had a great time. Corey, my 3 year-old son, noted that "Motorcycles work in the rain...".

Jay Tuccolo 7/2002

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