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Updated September 2011

These projects are listed in the order they were posted,
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Greasebag_Jamboree_2011 - Greasebag_Camp_2011
Grassroots home/ hand crafted motorcyle event

The War Prayer by Mark Twain
This short story is posted without permission, if this offends you please do not read it, otherwise I believe it is well worth a read. Twain's mastery of tale translates and transcends generations. Apparently, this was too politically incorrect for the time and was not published until after his death. I have included my source notes and additional notes/sources.

Motorcycle Weekend 2003
We all survived another one!... Another great jam session, another great campfire party, another great motorcycle weekend.

Native American Dance 2001 & 2002
As I explore my Native American heritage, my captivation for the colorful and symbolic regalia grows. There is nothing quite like the inter-tribal dancing one encounters at a pow wow. In 2001 and to a greater part in 2002 I attended and photographed these local events. Please take a moment to view some of my images. I've divided them into categories to make it a little easier to navigate through them... there are quite a few.

Motorcycle Weekend Jam Session 2002
I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this event happen, especially the musicians. We really enjoy hosting motorcycle week.... You guys know how to have fun, thanks again!!

William R. Taylor, Native American Art
Bill is my Brother-in-law and good friend. His mild mannered observations and actions are both humbling and inspiring. Recently he has been creating wonderfully powerful Native American art. Please take a look, you will not be disappointed.

Bruce Cockburn at The River
My son and I won a contest to be part of the in-studio audience for a very special Bruce Cockburn performance and interview at The River Music Hall, WXRV 92.5 FM Boston. My photos and story of this event are available at the above link.

Visions By Doneta
I met Doneta at a local pow wow and immediately recognized her positive vibe. She let me photograph her at her table/tent. I also took numerous photos of the dancers in full regalia that same day. See the above link/page titled Native American Dance

Phil Lesh and Friends
11-2001 - 10-2000 - 4-2000
Being a long-time fan of the Grateful Dead I found myself attending a Phil Lesh (former GD Bassist) and Friends concert in the fine state of Maine (11-1999). I was really taken-back by how wonderfully fluid and inspiring the music was. Posted are some of the photos take at various Boston P&F shows.

The Jared Tuccolo Memorial Page
My cousin Jared Tuccolo passed from this Earth on
October 27, 1999.
In his short life he proved it is quality not quantity that counts.

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