First, I would like to thank you for visiting my site. Today December 31, 2001 is the beginning of a NEW format for thejzone.com.

I've been working on thejzone.com on and off for about four years now. Sometime in 2000 I realized that my site, intended to be my cyber art venue, was no longer an accurate representation of my progress, which like all living beings is ever changing. I much prefer exploring my craft to presenting it, though I do love the responses of others - many lessons in anothers fresh perspective. I none-the-less found myself cringing while reviewing some of my early work. Regretting none of the lessons and labor, I removed old site and built a new one from the ground up. Ah, a fresh start for thejzone.com in 2002.


The new format consists of a new image for each month of the year. This will hopefully show my progress throughout the year. I will archive the older months and eventually the best of my original site 1997-2001.

There is a blind links pages. It is an image map of our galaxy I call "Hubble Rubble”. Click on a planet or stellar body and randomly go to a cool place! The links will be changing occasionally as I find them. A hint; click on Mercury for a complete text-based list of past and present links.

I've also included a “Side Projects” page, which is the place where from time to time I'll post something of personal interest. Weather it be concert photos, a local powwow or a poem written in tribute, I now have a place to stage these spotlights.

Thanks again,
Peace - Love - Harmony
Jay Patrick Tuccolo

December 31, 2001

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