Sky Light 1998-1999

This is the-best-of two sunset galleries originally posted on October 27, 1998 and October 10, 1999. The Sun is life's nurturing energy. Every day the sun rises and sets on our sky. Each day we are given unique and amazing examples of beauty. For me the best part of this project is standing there watching these sky paintings unfold...truly awe inspiring.


Click on an image to see an enlarged version.

full-moon-winter-solstice_12-22-99_2,44am.jpg poking-through-the-trees_12-98.jpg
sun-drop2_8-99.jpg winter-set_12-22-98.jpg
august-sunset1_9-99.jpg round-sun-set4_12-26-98.jpg
sun-drop4_8-25-99.jpg golden-clouds_6-99.jpg
brighter-path.jpg glow-over-pentucket_12-98.jpg
christmas-eve1998.jpg september-set_9-99.jpg
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