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Phil Lesh and Friends - April 8-11, 2000 - the Orpheum Theatre, Boston Massachusetts.
Band: on bass Phil Lesh, on keyboard Rob Barraco, on guitar Jeff Pevar and Jimmy Herring, on drums John Molo.

I attended three of the four shows. At first glance, I was disappointed with my photographic results... most were blurry and under exposed. But, after editing the best one's with PhotoShop I've decided this project to be a success. What do you think?

Since 1997 Phil Lesh, former member of the Grateful Dead, has been exploring the musical repertoire of the Grateful Dead. With an ever changing band line-up and a passion to walk, crawl, drift, dance down uncharted spaces, Phil is carrying the torch high. The band's intensity of exploration and dream-like musicianship was a testament of their love of the music. These shows were both a breath of fresh air, and a reality check for me. I am one of the many fans affectionately known as "Dead Heads", who were lucky enough to go to college around the time the Dead were getting their second wind. With many shows under my belt, I had come to believe that the best (musically) was in the past. Phil and the boys literately "stole my face right off my head"! It fills my heart with happiness to know "the music never stopped"...!

Special thanks to Bret of for linking this site!!:) I'm really excited to be in the company of such a hip site. For a those fans who don't already know, is the place to get the up-to-the-minute scoop on what's happening in and around the scene, coast to coast. Also, thanks to Candace Brightman, long time Grateful Dead light show wizard... set and setting are key... love is in the air!

Jay Tuccolo, May 2000

See my photos on The Phil Zone 2, from the P&F shows of October 2000.

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Phil & Friends Jam

Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Oval

Phil & Phriends

Phil & Friends

Ship Phil

Skull Wings

Phil & Phriends

Silhouette Vibrations

Whole Wheat


Crowd Blur

Phil & Friends

Dancing Skeletons

Stealy Face

Color Canopy

Icon Red

Butterfly Wings

Orpheum Oval

Groove Grooves

Phil & Friends

Loop Jam

Phil & Friends

Glow Park Landing Pad

Theatre Haze

Mirror Ball Blues

Purple Wheat

Phil & Friends

StageJam Blur

Butterfly Wing Blues


Obscured Emotions

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